Frequently asked questions

It depends on the complexity of your requirements and your brand. A simple presentational website will cost less than a website with a complex design with many different pages such as news, blog.

We charge £40/hour. The minimum charge is 1 hour for all jobs. If this is not casual and you need regular work on a long term basis, we can adapt our hourly fee to fit in your budget.

Web hosting, again, depends on your requirements and the amount of visitors you will receive. Our web hosting plans start at £50/year and include unlimited bandwith, 5 Go of disk space, a database and 5 email addresses. Because we monitor our web servers on a daily basis, we can advise you on the best solutions.

You should be able to access your emails by adding /webmail at the end of your website address. For example,

You can reset your passwords on your Web Hosting Control Panel. If you cannot access it either, contact us and we'll send you a letter with your information.

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